Wednesday, November 02, 2005

China and the Navy

I loved Sean's narrative so much I need to scrap my original post in favor of this one... The external/social systems in China that Sean experienced sound surprisingly flexible (going from old fashioned thermometers to scans in just a few weeks is amazing). But, what also is amazing is the way that Sean as a system adjusted to all the unexpected changes in course. Sean, have you thought about that? You served as your own navigation team--as if the entire navigation crew of the Palau was inside your self.

Hutchins' description of the embodied system that is the Navy is fascinating. And, I would be even more fascinated to know how he would qualify or describe the computations that occured in Sean's "mind" throughout his wild ride in China.


Blogger Sean McCarthy said...

Annie - I suppose that, as these texts are telling us, adapting to change is the nature of the beast. Until I read Hutchins I had never thought of adapting to a system in the way that I have tried to describe, because it comes instinctively. (And, of course, I had never really read theory that accounts for such processes.) While I am flattered that I have the crew of the Palau inside my head (I have been told before that I am a nice bunch of guys), I was just using the skills we use everyday - just in a heightened atmosphere. And with a fake Prada mask on.

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