Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I wanna be 'Groundlessness'

I really like the way the ideas in this book are expressed and sort of integrated versus some of the other books we’ve read. Describing evidence within the same paragraph of the argument makes it more convincing to me than having chapters on research descriptions following the ideas being put forth.

So like many of you, I’m still chewing on the idea of no Self. If it takes away all pain and suffering, I’m willing to give mine up today. But then I got stuck on if there is no self then how is there meaning and joy? Did anyone else think about this?

The Wheel of Life links were quite fascinating. I couldn’t help but wonder at what levels this could work i.e. the individual, community, society, culture, nation, humanity. For example is the continual return to behaviourism, information processing etc. just a field “grasping.” Isn’t the book for the authors a ‘birth’ but cause for the field itself to ‘grasp?’

Did anyone else find themselves laughing out loud when they kept referring back to Cartesian Anxiety – I felt I was in therapy and the shrink was saying “you are now feeling angst and that’s ok! It’s ok to feel angst but let’s ask why we are reacting this way…”

On pg. 136 at the bottom, they write “of course, each of our representations must cohere with many others….” They could have just said representations must fit into a thought collective……but did their representation of cognitive science fit in?


Blogger Jim said...

I like the way you talk about fields "grasping," and I think it's dead on. In fact, I think you could probably argue that any field is a bunch of people who "grasp" in the same way - incessently. Maybe that's why there's so much emphasis on the interdisciplinarity (is that a word?) of the texts we've read? Maybe these people we're reading are doing their best not to grasp at just one thing all the time. Clearly, they'd never be able to stop grasping, but at least they're spreading the wealth.

7:09 PM  
Blogger gfp said...

I wonder--the term "grasping" seems to be put only in a negative light. If our cravings were based on good feelings, couldn't they lead to us grasping for peace, knowledge, etc? Is it that grasping is just bad, or is the wheel of life natural and grasping is only bad when it happens unreflectively? Alison, I do feel like I'm at the shrink's...

12:16 PM  

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